Volunteer Profiles

Have a look at the profile of some of our RNLI volunteers

They are ordinary people just like you. Could you make a difference and volunteer to help Southend Lifeboat.

  • Amy
      Name: Amy
    Role: Crew member
    Likes: Teaching Swimming & Falconry
    Dislikes: Mushrooms & Spiders
    Why I volunteered: I believe that when people need help there should be someone there, and I wanted to be part of the crew that can help.
  • Gill & Roger
    Name: Gill & Roger
    Role: Shop volunteers
    How did you get involved: Through a friend's son who was a crew member
    Dislikes: Quiet days when it's bad weather and not many people come into the shop
    What do you enjoy most: We enjoy the interaction with the wide variety of visitors to the shop, for many of whom we are the first contact with, and public face of the RNLI. It's our opportunity to promote the work of the RNLI and particularly of our station, its crew and its rescue craft.