Southend RNLI has two boathouses.

The boathouse at the seaward end of the Pier houses the Atlantic 85, and a D Class inshore Lifeboat pictured above, and a souvenir shop. This boathouse was opened in June 2002.

launch davit

This boathouse also features our launch davit which is used to swing the lifeboats over the guard rail and lower them into the sea.

Inshore Boathouse

The other boathouse is on the seawall just east of the Pier. It houses a D class inshore Lifeboat and its launch tractor and our Hovercraft. There is a small building at the start of the pier walkway is where the electric buggy and bicycles, used by the crew to reach the pierhead, are stored.

The two D Class inshore lifeboats are named “William Henderson” D818 “Len Thorne GM DFC”. The Atlantic 85 is named “Julia & Angus Wright”. Our Hovercraft is named “Vera Ravine”