Past Crew

The portraits below are only a small selection of the hundreds of volunteers that have served at one time or another.

One of the more outstanding figures in the history of this station was Sidney H B Page. He was a crewman from 1911 until 1955. During those years the Southend Lifeboat rescued 431 people. Sidney was awarded a Silver Medal , two Bronze Medals and the Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum four times. When he retired in 1955 he became Honorary Boathouse Attendant. He died in 1962 aged 71.

Bob Chalk

Sad news has arrived today that Bob Chalk passed away following recent illness. (10/7/12)
He was a Crewmember and Station Mechanic on the Greater London 2. He then went on to become a Helmsman and Station Mechanic on the Atlantic 21. He had many years service at Southend Lifeboat and was a valuable member of the local community.
Our DLA Ian, fondly recalls his early days spent with 'Chalkie', and held much respect for his excellent local knowledge, his skilful boathandling and his ability to carry out a most effective service with such professionalism, even when coming straight from The Castle, which was as popular source of refreshment for crew then as it still is now!
Bob was much loved by everyone who knew him and he will be missed. Southend RNLI will be sending a wreath to his funeral.

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