Aerial Photographs

Click on picture for close-up. All shots taken October 2010 at just about low water.

1.First Sea Defence 2.Second Sea Defence 3.Second Sea Defence (wide)
4.Back of Canvey 5.Back of Canvey Bridge 6.Benfleet Bridge view to East
7.Benfleet Creek 8.Benfleet Crew to Two Tree 9.Benfleet Station
10.Benfleet Yacht Club 11.Back of Canvey Birdge 12.Burntwick Island
13.Elphinstone Point 14.Flarestack 15.Hadleigh Marshes
16.Holehaven 17.Holehaven Jetty 18.Holehaven Look-Out
19.Island Yacht Club 20.Newlands 21.Opposite Two Tree Slip
22.Pitsea Marina 23.Refinery 24.Refinery on Medway
25.Saltpan Reach 26.Shortcut to Two Tree 27.Arrrgh!!!
28.St Mary's Bay 29.St Mary's Marshes Landing 30.Stangate Spit
31.Submarine Wreck 32.Tewkes Creek 33.Thamesport
34.Top of Smallgains 35.Two Tree from the West 36.Two Tree Slipway
37.View to Lapwell Bank 38.View to Queenborough 39.View to Sheerness